When is the next Szechenyi Bath Party in 2012?

The next Szechenyi Bath Party in Budapest is:
December 29 Cinetrip New Year Party, Szechenyi Baths.
This is also the last party in 2012, so we are already looking forward to the 2013 Budapest Bath Parties, which are very likely to start around mid February or late February as part of the Budapest Magic Bath series in Lukacs Baths (there will be a January break for sure)

Those of you who would like to go to the next cool Budapest bath party, may have to wait until Dec 31 2012, or sliding into the new year, maybe until Jan 1 2013.

Cinetrip bath party 2012
Cinetrip bath party 2012

The summer Szecska sparties are over, as the open air bath parties only last until the good weather lasts, so the final bath party this year was on September 8, 2012. No bath parties in October or November. But it seems you may get lucky if you visit Budapest, Hungary for a New Year getaway.

The next bath party organised by the party masters Cinetrip is already planned and scheduled some time at the end of the year but there is nothing definite yet, the plans are tentative. The location (one of the Budapest baths) is also unrevealed yet (Rudas or Gellert, most probably).

Here is a quote from the official Cinetrip facebook page (the link will automatically take you to facebook, so you can vote on a date too):
Cinetrip since 15 years!! On the occasion of our birthday on 1st January, we are planning to have a huge Cinetrip party! Party is for sure, good mood is guaranteed, having fun is doubtless. Only one question left: which day should it be? Vote!!!

Cinetrip Party Budapest
Cinetrip Party Budapest – photo by Krisztian Bodis

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