Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Dear Guests,
before making your booking, please read through the following Terms & Conditions carefully: upon purchase you agree to the terms and conditions as shown below.

Booking a Ticket / Massage
Please note that we can only book an entry / a massage after payment has taken place as massage hours are limited and payment needs to be made to secure each reservation. You can make your booking by filling out the booking form on the left. If you change your mind about the day of the visit, please notify us minimum 72 hours before your booked visit, and we will try our best to make adjustments to suit your needs (subject to availability).
If you have any preferences / (dis)likes, please do let your massage therapist know before the massage treatment begins.
Please bring your confirmation email (identical with the digital voucher) with you on a digital device or printed on paper to fasten the check-in process.

Kindly note that the Ticket type for weekends or weekdays is to be picked manually: the calendar does not automatically choose the ticket type depending on the day as some weekdays are weekends in a given year (connected to a nearby bank holiday to create longer weekends), while some weekend dates are weekdays (for the same reason). If this should be the case, we will let you know in the booking form. If you chose the wrong type of ticket, unfortunately, there is no refund for the price difference, as the required administrative update means extra costs (in fact, more than the price difference). Thank you for your understanding.

Once payment has been made, there is an automatically generated confirmation email, which is sent to the email address you provided in the booking form. If you do not see the confirmation in your inbox, please check the spam/junk folder of your mailbox. For further assistance, please contact us via email at info [at] szechenyispabaths [dot] com.

Age Restrictions / Children in the Baths
Massages can only be booked for guests of minimum 18 years of age. Proof of age may be required.
The warm thermal water is not recommended for children under 14 years old, as soaking in the pools may negatively affect their cardiovascular system. Children/ babies who are not potty trained yet are not allowed in the public pools, not even if they are wearing a swimming nappy (they can stay outside the pool area and will be allowed to enter the facilities, but please make sure that they do not enter the pools). Please note that for the same reason, there are no discount child tickets, only adult tickets. More information: Children in Szechenyi Baths

Massage Hours
Massage treatments are available to be booked between 10am and 6pm on any given day (exceptions are national holidays like Christmas).
You can add your preferred massage hour in the booking form, but this is a preference not a guaranteed hour. Appointments are subject to availability. Once you make the payment, we will book you in for a treatment, which is the closest to your preferred hours. The booked massage hours will be sent to you in an updated confirmation email, normally as follows: 1st email: automatically generated, 2nd email: manual re-sent of auto-confirmation, 3rd email: actual massage hours updated (during office hours only). If you should find the hours unsuitable for your needs, please contact us via email at info [at] szechenyispabaths.com to re-arrange (subject to availability).
Before and after the massage hours, between 9 am and 6 pm you are free to use the thermal pools included in your ticket. The only important time is that you have to be at the massage treatment check-in point 1 hour before the massage begins.

Massage Therapists – Gender Preference
Massage therapists are allocated randomly: there is no guarantee that a preference for the gender of the therapist can be observed. If you feel more comfortable with a female or a male therapist, please let us know minimum 1 week before the date of your massage, and we will do our best to grant your request. Please note that no refund can be claimed on the basis of non-compliance with a gender requirement.

Check-in time for Tickets
Check-in with online fast track tickets is to take place between 9am and 6pm only. Guests arriving after 6pm will need to purchase a new ticket on the spot, without the right of any refund.
If you wish to check in after 6pm please buy a standard bath ticket on the spot at the cashiers, and do not book a peak time online fast track ticket. Please bring your confirmation email (identical with the digital voucher) with you on a digital device or printed on paper to fasten the check-in process.

Check-in time for Massages
Check-in with online booked massages is to take place between 9am and 6pm only. Please check in at least 1 hour before the confirmed massage hour, so that you can be ready in swimwear by the time the massage hour begins. Massages are automatically cancelled – without a right to refund – if guests do not check in min. 40 minutes before the massage begins. Make sure you do not lose your massage and money. Please bring your massage confirmation email (identical with the digital voucher) with you on a digital device or printed on paper to fasten the check-in process.

Dress Code
Due to the current strict health and safety regulations, which all thermal baths in Hungary need to follow, the bath can only be used with respecting the Dress Code as follows:

Acceptable swimwear is to be worn including bikini, tankini or one-piece swimsuit for Ladies, swimming briefs/ trunks/shorts for Gents.
Full body swimwear (e.g. burkini) or flimsy swimwear (e.g. thongs) are, unfortunately, not allowed to be worn in the thermal baths.
Swimming caps are mandatory in the swimming lap pools, but not required in the thermal soaking pools.
Swimming nappies are not allowed in the pools, only children who have been potty trained, and therefore can safely wear a swimwear can use the thermal baths (younger ones can stay with their parents outside the pools though).
Flip flops /slippers are required to be worn in the whole area of the bath. If you do not have your own, you can buy a pair in the entrance hall shop.

Cancellation Policy
The order cannot be cancelled. If you wish modify the day of your visit, please let us know minimum 72 hours before your reserved date, and we will try our best to adjust the date/hour to best suit your needs (subject to availability).

No refund can be offered in the following cases:

    • Non Arrival: if you could not make your pre-booked visit, there is no refund unfortunately. Weather of traffic conditions are, unfortunately, some of the reasons mentioned in refund requests. We kindly advise to time your arrival min 1 hour before the Help Desk closes, and arrive before 5pm.
    • Reducing the number of guests retroactively, e.g. reducing the group size after /on the day of your bath visit
    • Arriving before 9 am: you accept to check in after 09.00 am with your online ticket.
    • Arriving after 6 pm you accept to check in before 18.00 pm with your online ticket
    • There are no refunds for unused vouchers.
    • Unobserved preference for the massage therapist: no guarantee for male/female therapists.
    • Cancellation on the spot: if you cancel your reservation on arrival, the services pre-booked online are non-refundable
    • If you accidentally purchased a weekday ticket for a weekend date.

Changes in Booking
You can request changes in your booking (e.g. number of tickets) min. 3 days before the date of your reservation. Within 72 hours the booking may no longer be modified or cancelled.
With any further questions please contact us via email at info [at] szechenyispabaths [dot] com.
Please note that we reserve the right to charge an additional amendment fee to cover administrative costs for completing changes requested  in dates / hours, etc.

Ticket & Cabin Packages
On busy days, Locker instantly offered if all Cabins are taken, or a Cabin is offered in approx. 30 min.

Glass Bottles / Containers
The thermal bath area is a strictly splinter free zone. Guests are not allowed to bring in glass bottles in or near the pool areas in the thermal baths in order to upkeep a splinter-free zone for public safety reasons.

Children in Pools
Children are to be under adult supervision (1:1 ratio) when using the pools in the thermal baths. Children/ babies who are not potty trained yet are not allowed in the pools, not even if they are wearing a swimming nappy (they can stay outside the pool area and will be allowed to enter the facilities, but please make sure that they do not enter the pools).

Quiet and Relaxation
As the thermal baths are a relaxing area only reasonable and appropriate behaviour is tolerated (please maintain reasonable noise levels and avoid being too intimate). Most guests visit the baths to have a quiet relaxing time in/ around the pools. Please respect every guest’s stay by actively maintaining a friendly, acceptably quiet zone.

Out of respect for the privacy of all bath guests, and the restful atmosphere in the thermal baths, which we are trying to promote, neither mobile phone cameras nor standard cameras are permitted to be used in the thermal baths. Please make sure to use your mobile phone responsibly to avoid any inconvenience.

Signs in the Baths
There are signs in the thermal bath area indicating what is / is not allowed in the pools. Please follow the instructions accordingly.

Renting a Towel / Items
By renting a towel from the thermal baths you accept to return it, upon which you will get back your deposit for the towel / bath sheet. If the towel is picked up by another guest, unfortunately, the bath cannot take responsibility. Please make sure to take care of rented items (towel, swimwear, bath robe, etc.) from the baths to be properly entitled to a deposit.

Responsible Visit to the Baths
When purchasing the ticket you accept to be in a healthy condition for the safe use of the pools and pool areas. Guests under intoxication (drunk/ dazed) will be refused to visit the baths. Please use the showers before going into the pools to make sure to wash away the dust and sweat from your body before entering the pools.

Please do not bring any unguarded valuable items to the baths as the thermal baths have thousands of visitors, which makes it more challenging to protect your own values if you are staying in the pools. No responsibility can be accepted by the thermal baths for the safety of money or valuables, whether placed in a locker or not. The thermal bath will not be liable for damage, injury or loss caused to the guests or their belongings.

Smoking – of traditional and e-cigarettes, tobaccos –  is not allowed in the thermal baths, which is a non-smoking establishment.

Alcohol & Hydration
We advise against the excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks prior or during your visit to the the thermal bath. The baths reserve the right to refuse admission.
Due to the natural warmth of the hot spring waters in the baths, and the heat of the steam rooms, we strongly recommend that you drink plenty of water / healthy fluids during your visit. Water fountains are freely available, and the tap water is suitable for drinking.

Medical Conditions
Guests with medical conditions / taking medications are to consult with their doctor in advance if they are safe to visit the thermal baths. If you have a known allergy or suffer from a medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or have had cancer within the last 5 years, please consult your doctor. There is no resident doctor for guests in the thermal baths (only for patients in the thermal hospital ward).

Following your doctor’s advice, please notify us of any condition of which we should be aware, prior to completing your reservation, or if your medical condition subsequently changes after your booking has been made. We reserve the right to request and view a doctor’s letter prior to entering the Spa or providing a treatment and, if necessary, to refuse the treatment on medical grounds or ask that you sign a disclaimer.

Clean and Tidy Visit
Please make sure to keep up a clean and tidy thermal bath area. Please use the litter bins for any rubbish as you would wish to be yourself in a clean thermal bath rather than a littered area. For the same reason, please notify the staff if you see other visitors who do not follow the tidiness regulations.

Sun Exposure
Please make sure to cover your skin with sunscreen protection during the hot sunny days (which may range from April to October), and seek shade whenever possible.

Unfortunately, the use of hot spring water thermal baths in Hungary is not recommended for pregnant mothers as the warm waters may affect your pregnancy (inducing cramps). Therefore, use of the pools is at your own discretion up to week 32 (after that it is strongly not recommended). We strongly advise you do not use the massage jets.

Massage treatments are unfortunately not available for pregnant mothers to avoid any potential medical complications (inducing high blood pressure or premature cramps). More information: Pregnancy Massage in Szechenyi Baths

Pets / animals are not allowed in the thermal baths and spa areas.

Wristband / Smart Band / Proxy Watch
The smart wristband you receive upon entering the thermal bath serves to use the locker and the changing cubicle (cabin). Please note that there is a charge for the loss of a Smart WristBand (aka the Proxy watch).


Please kindly note that rental services are not included in bath entries. However, there is an option to purchase a Fast Track Ticket with a Bath Kit. Rental prices are subject to change.


Prices are subject to change. The baths reserve the right to change prices any time (actual prices apply as charged on the spot).

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