Szechenyi Baths March 15

March 15 is a historical national holiday in Hungary, which will slightly affect the opening hours of Szechenyi Baths: the thermal bath will be open as on Sundays. In short, you can come and visit the Szechenyi Bath, the baths, the pools will be open, the massage treatments and other services will also be available. See the planned opening hours below.

March 15 Opening Times Szechenyi Bath

Please note that these are planned opening hours for the national holiday.

Szechenyi Bath Cupola
Szechenyi Bath Cupola – Florin Walter HDR Photography
  • Outdoor pools: from 6 am  to 10 pm
  • Indoor pools, saunas and steam rooms: from 6 am  to 10 pm
  • Drinking well: closed
The ticket prices of Szechenyi Baths will be weekend prices (as on Sundays, and on other public holidays in Hungary) on 15 March.

March 15 is a public holiday in Budapest when Hungarians commemorate the hopeful start of the 19th century revolution of 1848/49, a two year battle for the freedom of Hungary from Austria.

The freedom fight was lost, many thousands died in the battles, and the Hungarian military leaders were severely punished. But March 15 remained the day of hope, the day of free speech, and enthusiastic acts.

On this day, you can see locals wearing flower shaped, little round national flags stuck on their coats (Kokarda), some historical enactments of the March 15 events, students acting out the days of the revolutions, when Hungarian citizens, men and women alike, along with writers, poets galvanized the revolution.

March 15 Budapest National Museum
March 15 Budapest National Museum – Fedor Kvasztics Photography

Sandor Petofi the poet recited his National Song poem at the National Museum, people ran to the press to print out the revolutionary pamphlets and fliers of the 12 Points of Freedom. Also, the iconic figure of free speech, Mihaly Tancsics, was freed by the crowds on this day. (He was a real socialist minded writer, who was imprisoned in 1847 for his censored writings encouraging the peoples of Hungary to fight for their freedom).

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  1. I am visiting Budapest with 4 kids. Ages: 9, 13,14,14. We would like to come to Szechenyi bath, all kids are really peaceful and easy and we are staying together all time. Are kids allowed in your spa everywhere. There is info on your page that they are allowed but before purchasing tickets on-line I want to get an answer from you.
    What is the best way to come since I am alone with them, 13-yr old is a boy. Is there a way to get in together, private cabin for all of us? Or how

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Margit, you are welcome to come with the kids at your parental responsibility. The waters in Szechenyi Bath are recommended for children over 14, for medical reasons: younger children’s cardiovascular system are less able to cope with thermal waters for elongated periods. If you let the children in the water please do make sure they do not spend more than 20 min at a time in the pool. Kids can easily overheat.
      The private cabin is too small for more people, it is comfortable for one person to get changed and store belongings. If you still want to choose the cabin to keep the family together, you could take turns to get changed by using the same cabin.
      For a family bath adventure one of the most friendly places in Budapest is the Aqua World water theme park if you are interested in a bath complex with slides and more fun for the children (there are no slides, tunnels or other theme adventure in Szechenyi Bath)

  2. Hi I am visiting in march 2015 but only for 3 days sunday is the only time I’d be able to visit as I’d like to get a lot in whilst there I’d like to have a massage booked for 7am is thus possible

  3. Hello, I hope to visit Budapest for the first time in April 2017. Do you think it will be too cold outside to visit the Szechrnyi Baths at this time of year? Or are they still a popular attraction during April? Thanks for any help, Layla

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