Szechenyi Bath Ticket and 10 pm Cocktail Cruise in Budapest

Looking for the best deals for your Budapest Holiday?  Book Szechenyi Spa Baths and the Budapest Cocktail River Cruise together, in one step for a special price.

Splash at the thermal pools of Szechenyi Baths and enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage sights by the evening lights with cold Cocktails of your choice on the 10 pm Cocktail Cruise.

Szechenyi Baths and Pool - photo by Vlasta Juricek
Szechenyi Baths and Pool – photo by Vlasta Juricek

Book 10pm Cruise Package


  • Any Date Fast Track Szechenyi Baths Ticket
  • Private Changing Cabin
  • optional: add on a Bath Kit if you need a towel, flip flops
  • 10 pm Cocktail Cruise ticket
  • 2 Cocktails of your choice (alcohol only served to over 18 guests)
  • 10– 11.30 pm (1.5 hour) cruise with top riverside attractions (boarding starts at 9.30 pm)
  • E-Ticket via email (no printing needed)
  • Air-conditioned/ heated cruise
Moonlight Cocktail Cruise
Moonlight Cocktail Cruise


Szechenyi Bath Fast Track Entry and 10 pm Cocktail Cruise: € 47/ person

  • Full-Day Fast Track Entry – Any Day
  • Private Cabin & Storage
  • 10 pm Cocktail Cruise

Szechenyi Bath Bath Kit and 10 pm Cocktail Cruise: € 73/ person

  • Full-Day Fast Track Entry – Any Day
  • Private Cabin & Storage
  • Towel with Logo (White, 70x130cm)
  • Flip Flop (Dark Blue)
  • Swimming Cap
  • 2 in 1 Shampoo & Bath Gel
  • Bottled Mineral Water 500ml
  • 10 pm Cocktail Cruise ticket

Szechenyi Bath Entry with Szechenyi Towel and 10 pm Cocktail Cruise: € 62/ person

  •  Full-Day Fast Track Entry – Any Day
  • Private Cabin & Storage
  • Towel with Logo (White, 70x130cm)
  • 10 pm Cocktail Cruise ticket

After a bath day at Szechenyi Spa Baths, sit back with a cold cocktail and enjoy the amazing evening views of the famous bridges and UNESCO world heritage sites, like the Buda Castle Royal Palace, the Hungarian Parliament, etc.

Book 10pm Cruise Package

Cocktail Menu on Cruise

You can choose 2 cocktails from the following Cocktails on board:

Pina Colada Budapest Cocktail Cruise
Pina Colada Budapest Cocktail Cruise
  • Cuba Libre Cocktail
  • Old Fashioned Cocktail
  • Mojito Cocktail
  • Pina Colada Cocktail
  • Sex on the Beach Cocktail
  • Tequilla Sunrise Cocktail
  • Gin Fizz Cocktail

No worries if you are not into alcoholic drinks, you can choose non-alcoholic cocktails and there are soft drinks, juices, mineral water etc at the bar.

Book 10pm Cruise Package

If you get hungry, we offer snacks on the boat tour, please see the available snacks and prices below:

Tortilla Chips with Salsa Sauce (250g) HUF 1,150
Salted Peanuts (170g) HUF 600
Caesar’s Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast Stripes HUF 1,200
Goulash Soup Alfold Style (250ml) HUF 1,200
Vegetable Soup (250ml) HUF 750
Mini Stuffed Cabbage (2 pcs) HUF 1,200
Chicken Paprika with Noodles HUF 1,650
Homemade Strudel Variation (3 pcs) HUF 750

Budapest by night Eduardo Javier Maldonado Acevedo
Budapest by night Eduardo Javier Maldonado Acevedo

Cruise guests are kindly asked to arrive 30 min before the cruise ship leaves the pier. The location of the pier depends on the date of your booking. We will send the cruise and boarding details in your confirmation email.

Book 10pm Cruise Package

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  1. My husband and I will be visiting in December . How do I book a massage at the Healing Body Center? How far out can we book a massage!
    Thanks for your help

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Katrina,

      generally speaking, a couple of weeks advance booking is suggested to avoid disappointment.

      Once you make the payment, we will book you in for a treatment, which is the closest to your preferred hours.

      Please note that we can only book a massage after payment has taken place as massage hours are limited. Once payment has come through, as pointed out earlier, we will strive to book you in closest to your preferred massage hours. If we cannot offer a suitable time for you, the price of the massage will be refunded.

      To make a valid reservation please follow the link to our website:

      Apart from your massage hours, you can visit the bath before or after your massage treatment too.

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