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The long-awaited party season is here with the Magic Bath party series and the awesome futuristic pool parties at Szechenyi Baths to make your Budapest stay unforgettable.

Bath Parties in 2022

Szechenyi Spa Parties in Budapest, Hungary:

Buy your tickets online now (the parties have special party tickets, please do not buy the standard day time bath tickets for the parties!).

Lukacs Bath Party in the Pool Budapest
Lukacs Bath Party in the Pool Budapest

Past online ticket news

Bath Parties for any season, on most of the Saturdays in Budapest, make a must of a weekend getaway to Hungary for a thorough party weekend. Be in Szechenyi Baths or Lukacs Baths on a Saturday (check the available dates please before buying a flight ticket) to be part of the best parties in the city of Budapest, Hungary: the thermal spa parties “sparties” for short!

February is the starting month this year, and the parties run all year round, culminating in two mega parties, one in August, when we are awaiting you with the uber-cool Cinetrip Sparty Summer edition, and one in December, the pre-New Year’s Eve Party of Budapest and Europe (!). Of course, only in addition to the almost weekly Saturday bath parties.

Tickets are on sale, most get picked up online, so take your chances and buy your ticket while you can. May the Party Forces be with You!

Last updated May 31, 2022

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering when the tickets for the party on 4th August will come on sale?


  2. Hello

    Myself and a small group of friends are visiting Budapest in February 2019. We are in the city from the 8th to 11th.

    Do you have a party schedule for next year? If so is there a party planned for that weekend and when do the tickets become available to purchase?

    Thank you and regards.

  3. Have dates for Feb 2019 been releases yet?

  4. do you stil have tickets for party this 26 or 27 january? We are are group of up to 10.

  5. Hi. I am wandering if I can enter the spa early with bath party ticket. Party starts from 10pm but could I enjoy the spa before the party and join later? Or do I have to buy another ticket to get in for normal time like 6-7pm?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Seul,
      party tickets are valid for the bath party only.
      If you wish to enjoy the baths before you can buy regular tickets.
      With the online tickets, you can arrive until 6 pm. After 6 pm, you can buy entries on the spot.
      I hope I could help!

  6. Hi

    We are trying to book duo tickets for 21st May 20222. Somehow the payment is not getting accepted. Can you kindly help and get us the tickets.

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