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Szechenyi Baths New Year Bath Party 2019

Szechenyi Baths Spa Party Budapest Perfect

Enjoy an incredible pre New Year’s Eve pool party in the warm thermal baths in Szechenyi Baths on December 30, 2019 to welcome 2020 ( date not confirmed yet!). Tickets will be later on sale, please bear with us and pencil the date in!

NYE Bath Party Budapest 2013 Szechenyi Spa Baths
pre NYE Bath Party Szechenyi Spa Baths

Buying Pre-NYE Bath Party Tickets

  • Dec 30, 2019 (planned date), Budapest pre-New Year’s Bath Party / Cinetrip Sparty (online ticket includes locker with lock)
  • Party starts: 10.30 pm / Ends: 3 am
  • Party Tickets are sold with an early bird discount from October for a few weeks (limited edition)
  • Prices: Early Bird cheaper prices starting from €50 per Single Party Ticket
  • Other winter parties are also available  (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March)
  • Dec 31 NYE parties – try a New Year Party Boat in Budapest to get the most out of your New Year Budapest winter holiday in Hungary

Prices of pre NYE Party Entries:

The prices are tentative, base on last year prices, and are subject to change:

Single Ticket: €60
Single Premium: €70 with 2 Drink Coupons
Single Premium Priority: €75 with 2 Drink Coupons and Fast Track Entry
Single Premium Ultimate: €85 with 2 Drink Coupons, Fast Track Entry, 1 Bath Party Towel and 1 Tote Bag

Duo Ticket: €120 for 2 people
Duo Premium: €140 for 2 people with 5 Drink Coupons
Duo Premium Priority: €150 for 2 people with 5 Drink Coupons and Fast Track Entry
Duo Premium Ultimate: €170 for 2 people with 5 Drink Coupons, Fast Track Entry, 2 Bath Party Towels and 2 Tote Bags

Trio Ticket: €180 for 3 people with 1 Cabin
Trio Premium: €210 for 3 people with 1 Cabin and 7 Drink Coupons
Trio Premium Priority: €225 for 3 people with 1 Cabin, 7 Drink Coupons and Fast Track Entry
Trio Premium Ultimate: €255 for 3 people with 1 Cabin, 7 Drink Coupons, Fast Track Entry, 3 Bath Party Towels and 3 Tote Bags

We usually sell the party tickets out like hot cakes, so don’t hesitate to make a dive. And YES, the party will be in Szechenyi Baths.


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The party organizers reserve the right to make changes in the sparty program.

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  1. Hello, so this party is just in the night of 30, right?

  2. Hello, i’d ask when will be possible booking New Year’s Eve pool party (31th december). Thanks a lot

  3. For the trio is says 3 people with one cabin? Like a place to stay? A place to change? What is the cabin?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Rebecca,

      thank you for your email.

      Both lockers and cabins are for storing your belongings while you are enjoying the indoor baths and outdoor pools at Szechenyi Baths. Lockers are standard wardrobe type boxes with a lock on them (like the ones at train stations or at standard swimming pools).

      Cabins, on the other hand, are smallish changing rooms combined with storage facilities. In a bath cabin, you can get changed privately AND store your items in a safe place.

      More on the topic:

      I hope I could be of help.

  4. Hello, i’d know if the party in on 31 December or on 30th December. And if is a 30th December’s party, is there a party on 31 December ? Thank you

  5. Is there an age restricition with this party?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Stacey,
      only guests over 18 years old are allowed at the Spa parties.
      Hope we can welcome you at Szechenyi Spa Baths!

  6. Hello, are there tickets still available for this party? i am trying to book some tickets and once i click the booking . there is an error. thank you

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