Szechenyi Baths in Mini Europe Brussels

Szechenyi Baths represents Hungary in the Mini Europe in Brussels, which is basically the only place in Europe where you can see all of the best European sights in once place in beautiful 3D models. Szechenyi Baths is the only Hungarian building in the mini Europe town focusing on the top attractions of the EU member states, which means that Szechenyi Baths is to represent the Hungarian state in a miniature architectural Europe! True, Szechenyi Baths is undoubtedly unique and one of the most visited and most fun Budapest attractions.

Here are some photos of the 3D model of the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest as set up in the Belgian Mini Europe architectural theme park. See the video of Mini Europe below. Click on the photo to zoom in.

Szechenyi Baths Mini Europe
Szechenyi Baths Mini Europe – Photo: LinksmanJD

There are miniature bathers and sunbathers in the Szechenyi Baths in the mock up scale model of the thermal baths and its outdoor pools:

Lifelike scale model of Szechenyi Baths
Lifelike scale model of Szechenyi Baths – Photo: LinksmanJD

Whirpool in Szechenyi Baths mock model in Mini Europe, Brussels.

Whirpool in Szechenyi Baths mock model
Whirpool in Szechenyi Baths mock model

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