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Szechenyi Baths – Can I Wear a Speedo at the Bath?

Many first time visitors are uncertain about the dress code of Szechenyi Baths. Well, it is simple: firstly, as the bath is coed each day, from Monday to Sunday, everyone needs to wear some kind of swimwear. Secondly, you can wear anything that qualifies as a decent swim wear, which covers the usual feminine and masculine tender parts (loins, bottoms and breasts for ladies, and loins and bottoms for gents). If you want to cover more for health reasons (e.g. you have a sunburnt or are allergic to the sunshine) or for religious reasons, or for any other reasons (e.g. you are shy in general), you can. Needless to say, you are not allowed to wear everyday garments in the pools, which are not designed to be worn in water (casual street dresses, jeans etc. are prohibited).

Szechenyi Bath
Szechenyi Bath – photo by Graeme Churchard

Is speedo acceptable at Szechenyi Baths in Budapest? It is not only acceptable, but many of the male visitors prefer to wear the shorter speedo style swim wear, which are less heavy and dragging with water, rather than the surfing style longer trunks, which take up more water, and become less convenient for a longer soak in the water.

It is completely up to you and your preferences.

To quote from Rick Steve’s Europe – American – travel guide book about Budapest, Hungary:

Sitting in hundred-degree water under glorious Baroque domes, I felt my stress ebb away as I enjoyed some of Europe’s most memorable people-watching. Hungarians of all shapes and sizes were stuffed into tiny swimsuits, strutting their stuff. People floated blissfully in warm water. Speedo-clad intellectuals stood in chest-high water around chessboards and pondered their next moves. It’s Budapest at its best. (added emphasis by me)

You can see some videos of Szechenyi Baths here to observe the swim wears visitors at the famous thermal bath don.

If you want to buy your Szechenyi bath ticket in advance, follow the link to secure your ticket online and make us of our VIP welcome desk for ‘speedy boarding’

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