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Szechenyi Baths Aroma Massage Booking

Book your Aroma massage in advance in Szechenyi Bath to have a relaxing time in Budapest’s leading thermal bath. The aroma massages are the most popular and get fully booked up days or even weeks in advance. Please check availability in the booking calendar (click on the calendar icon).

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  1. How can I check if m booking went through ? I booked online but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Who can I contact?

  2. I’m looking to do the Szechenyi Bath Aroma Massage package for 5 however there’s no option for towels which we will require. Can you advise whether towels are included in the Szechenyi Bath Aroma Massage. Thank you.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Ryan,

      thank you for your comment.

      Although towel rental is available in Szechenyi Baths, there are often queues building up. Please note that the fast track entrance is only for the bath entry, and will not entitle you to have a quicker access to rentals or services. Therefore, we strongly recommend bringing your own towel to avoid some unnecessary inconvenience. The towels are very simple bath sheets (literally, sheets, for environmental reasons), and can be rented with a deposit of HUF 1,000 (big towels), and a rental fee of HUF 500 (cash).

      You can buy towels online, please see our special Bath Kits on:


      Have a lovely time in Szechenyi Baths Budapest.

  3. How can I check if m booking went through ? I booked online but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Who can I contact? I purchased two tickets for Saturday October 21 with two 20 min massages. How do I find out what time that is? Thank you

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Sophia,
      in the meantime, you have received your tickets.
      We will send you the updated massage hours this afternoon.
      We are looking forward to welcoming you at Szechenyi Spa Baths!

  4. Hello!
    I am trying to book aroma package, but it redirects me to the paypal account. Can I pay by cash or use any other credit card?
    Me and my girlfriend would like to have massage tommorrow Oct 21. at 12:00h.
    Thanks in advance,


    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Filip,
      You do not need to have a PayPal account for payment. The booking form automatically redirects you to the PayPal page, where you can pay by card without owning or opening a PayPal account, simply using the interface of PayPal. On the page, you can see a grey button saying “Check Out as a Guest”. If you click on it, you can fill out your card payment details, and after clicking “Pay Now”, you are all set.

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