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Szechenyi Bath Pedicure

There are two types of pedicure services at Szechenyi Bath: the pedicure, foot care offered by Szechenyi Bath & Pool and the pedicure services of a Fish Pedicure salon renting the place at Szechenyi Baths. The rooms, tools, etc. for the pedicure are well sanitized.

Szechenyi Bath Pedicure
Szechenyi Bath Pedicure – Steven Deolo Photography

Pedicure offered by the Szechenyi Baths

The professional pedicure is done by the Beauty Therapists of the Szechenyi Baths specializing in pedicure. This is not a fish pedicure, but a classic pedicure.

The pedicure treatment in general is 30 min, but could be between 40-60 min depending on how much care your feet need (sanding rough feet, trimming nails,  etc.). Please consult with the beautician how long and how your pedicure will be.

This is the combined time of the relaxing foot soak, followed by the actual nail, sole, etc. treatment to make your feet refreshed and beautiful again.

Prices of the Classic Pedicure (cash only):

Please see the updated prices of the Pedicure treatment in Szechenyi Bath on the Prices page.

The pedicure cannot be booked in advance online (unlike the massage therapies)

The pedicure is generally available from 6 am to 5-6pm.

Fish Pedicure at Szechenyi Baths

As mentioned above, the Fish Pedicure salon is renting the space at Szechenyi Thermal Bath.

Prices: HUF 4,500 for approx. 15 min


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  1. I’ve already purchased entry to the baths with the 20 minutes aroma massage.
    Is there an option to add another (45 or 60 min) massage without paying for the entry again (the prices online include entry fee)?

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