Szechenyi Baths Massage Deals

One of the best massage therapies in Budapest is offered by the medical masseuses of Szechenyi Baths Budapest. Please see the detailed information about Szechenyi Bath massage therapies here.

Booking Szechenyi Massages Online

Massage Therapy in Szechenyi Spa Baths
Massage Therapy in Szechenyi Spa Baths

The massages are very popular amongst locals and tourists alike (locals can oftentimes enjoy considerable discounts via their doctor’s prescription, as an actual medical treatment to alleviate pains, cramps and other muscle problems). Drop in massages are very rare, mostly in the low season (January, February)

Now you can book your massage therapy in advance via our online booking form (on the left) to secure your 20 min – 45 – 60 min massages at the official medical masseuses in Szechenyi Spa. Please check the current prices in the booking form on the left.


We sell massages online as a package deal with the fast track entrance (full day entry) and with private changing cabin use, so the 3 services (Fast Track entrance + massage therapy + cabin/ locker ) are priced as one hot deal (depending on the actual currency rates, the price is between €53-85). This also means that you don’t have to endure the long lines and awkward check-ins. You can buy your fast track online baths tickets in Euro or in Hungarian Forint, plus one of the massage therapies as enlisted below (the massage prices include the ticket price and the cabin price!).

Double Massage Room in Szechenyi Bath
Double Massage Room in Szechenyi Bath

The cheapest massage is the 20 min aroma massage at approx. 30 Euros (plus another 24 Euros for the entrance fee). Please note that massage treatments are only available for bath guests, not to the general public. Longer and more thorough, deep massages take 45 or 60 minutes, and start at approx. 61 Euros (45/60 min Swedish massage, plus another 24 Euros for the bath entrance). Book your massage therapy in advance now via the online booking form.


Here is our complete list of Szechenyi Bath Massage Deals:

2 in 1:Massage Therapies and Bath Tickets

Baths Ticket with Private Cabin: fast track bath entry, which does not include a therapist massage, only the water massage in the pools. The full-day entrance to Szechenyi Bath includes the additional Private Cabin: your own personal changing room and storage facility called a ‘Cabin’ in Szechenyi Baths. The bath ticket includes the use of 18 pools, and all the steam facilities, gym, sunbathing terrace. Some pools have underwater massage jets.

Facade of Szechenyi Baths
Facade of Szechenyi Baths

Aroma Massage & Bath Ticket (20 min) in Szechenyi Baths: 20 minutes relaxing aroma massage in a private massage room. The massage is Swedish style and focuses on the upper body.

Luxury Refreshing Massage & Bath Ticket (45/60 min) in Szechenyi Baths: therapeutic massage, Swedish style full body massage in a private massage room. Available for bath guests for a single session in a single massage room, or for couples / friends / relatives in a double massage room at a discount price.


Harmony VIP Massage & Bath Ticket (45/60 min) in Szechenyi Baths: therapeutic Harmony massage to give back the balance of your body. Swedish style full body massage with aromatic oils in a private massage room in Szechenyi Baths. Available for bath guests for a single session in a single massage room, or for couples / friends / relatives in a double massage room at a discount price.

What makes the Szechenyi Bath massage therapists ‘medical’ is that they are not simply refreshing massage therapists, stroking and rolling their hands on your skin, but medically certified masseuses, who have special anatomy and medicinal massage qualifications, i.e. who actually know how to treat the most important medical issues related to muscle tone, muscle pain, joints, etc. and of course, have many years of experience with the thousands of visitors of the popular and much loved Szechenyi Baths in Budapest.

Come and relax in Szechenyi Baths – baths, pools, saunas, steam rooms, sunbathing terrace, and wellness centre at its best!

Indoor Thermal Pool at Szechenyi Baths - 1 of the 15 Indoor Pools
Indoor Thermal Pool at Szechenyi Baths – 1 of the 15 Indoor Pools – Lukr Photography

Last updated: Jan 16, 2020

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  1. Hello, I’m looking to book a Thermal Massge and bath ticket for 60 minutes with my partner in January 2020 in the same room but cannot see the booking for January. I’m also wondering what bath guests mean? Can we book the ticket?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Emma,

      thank you for your comment.
      2020 dates are, unfortunately, not available for pre-booking yet.
      We would like to kindly ask you to check back for calendar updates in December.
      Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. Hello I have booked (Double Mud Treatment 60min+2 Tickets+2 SzB Cabins) for my husband and me.

    I’m wondering if this package includes towels and/or bathrobes and/or flip flops.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Nour,
      Your ticket includes the following: fast track entry, Double Mud Treatment 60 min for 2 people, and 2 cabins. Unfortunately, the package does not include towels, flip flops etc.
      Rental services are available with payments on the spot (unfortunately, we cannot reserve them in advance).

      Please see the rental prices below:
      Simple Bath Sheet: HUF 1000 (deposit HUF 1,000)
      Towel (a bit smaller, but thicker and fluffier than the bath sheet): HUF 2,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)
      Bathrobe: HUF 3,500 (deposit HUF 3,500)
      Slippers can be bought for HUF 3,000.
      The rental facility accepts cash (in Hungarian Forints) and card payments for the rental and deposit. Please note that the deposit will be given back in cash.
      Enjoy your time at the Spa!

  3. Hello! I booked the standard ticket of 22€ for 3 persons but i don’t recived the confirmation.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Vittoria,
      Thank you for contacting us. I would like to confirm that we have received your booking, and the confirmation email has automatically been sent to your given email address. Please check the junk/spam folder of your mailbox too.
      Should you have any question, please contact us via email info (at) szechenyispabaths (dot) com

  4. Hello,

    I’m organising a hen do for the start of April for 19 ladies. We are interested in booking massages. Do you have any group booking options?



  5. Marina Papagiannakopoulou

    Halo, when i visited Szechenyi Baths on May 2018, there was a special price for entrance (all day), plus a massage of 20 minutes. If i remember well, the price was around 35 euros per person. Is there an offer like that for March 2020?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hallo Marina,

      Thank you for your question.

      The bath offers 20-min massages with a Fast Track Entry (arrival is from 9 am through the Online Check-in Desk and you can stay until closing time which is 10 pm) with either a cabin or a locker depending on what you prefer to buy. Please note that the prices are different on weekdays and on weekends. The special price you mentioned from 2018 is outdated, unfortunately. Please follow this link to check the currently available offers so you can make the best massage choice for yourself:

      We wish you a wonderful time in Budapest!

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