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These are the bath ticket prices at Szechenyi Spa Baths, Budapest valid from Jan 04 2016.


Szechenyi Baths thermal pool and swimming pool
Szechenyi Baths pools – photo: Alberto Martinez Subtil

Please note that prices may increase throughout the year.

Bath tickets with lockers vs. bath tickets with cabins are both available. You can learn more about the Lockers and the Cabins at Szechenyi Baths here. Please note that the currency of Hungary is Hungarian Forint (shortened as HUF or Ft)

Prices of Szechenyi Bath Tickets from Jan 4 2016

Prices from 4 January, 2016

Tickets: Szechenyi Ticket Bath Ticket Prices from Jan 5 2015
Prices in HUF ( Hungarian Forint)
Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Full Day bath ticket with cabin usage in Szechenyi Baths in HUF (order online with fast track entry in Euro) 5,200 HUF (buy)
5,400 HUF (buy)
Full Day Fast Track bath Ticket & Cabin in Szechenyi Baths in Euro (can be ordered online in advance) €17.5 (buy) €18 (buy)
Pool Party Ticket from 10.30 pm to 3 am in Szechenyi Baths (order online) €35 Standard, €40 Fast Track (buy) €35 Standard, €40 Fast Track (buy)
Full Day bath ticket with locker usage at Szechenyi Baths 4 700 HUF (buy) 4 900 HUF (buy)
After 5pm bath ticket with cabin usage (Indoor pools until 7 pm, outdoor until 10pm) 4 900 HUF 5 100 HUF
After 5pm bath ticket with locker usage (Indoor pools until 7 pm, outdoor until 10pm) 4 400 HUF 4 600 HUF
Morning bath ticket with cabin usage for 2 hours (6-8 am) at Szechenyi Baths 4 900 HUF 5 100 HUF
Morning bath ticket with locker usage for 2 hours (6-8 am) at Szechenyi Baths 4 400 HUF 4 600 HUF
Ticket paid in advance, with cabin usage at Szechenyi Baths  5 200 HUF
Ticket paid in advance, with locker usage at Szechenyi Baths  4 700 HUF
Visitor bath ticket at Szechenyi Baths 1 700 HUF
Cabin ticket at Szechenyi Baths 500 HUF
Bath Kit (own towel, flip flop, swimming cap, shampoo & bath gel, bottle of mineral water) 6 400 HUF
Buy Towel (own towel with Szechenyi logo) 4 000 HUF
Bath Kit + Fast Track Entry + Cabin 11 800 HUF
Buy Towel + Fast Track Entry + Cabin 9 000 HUF


Services at Szechenyi Baths
20 minutes thermal massage at Szechenyi Baths 6 000 HUF
20 minutes aroma relax massage at Szechenyi Baths 5 500 HUF
50 minutes harmony aroma massage at Szechenyi Baths 14 000 HUF
Pedicure (30 minutes) at Szechenyi Baths 2 800 HUF

In addition to the above prices, you can buy combined Szechenyi Baths tickets with massage packages
The prices of package deals of massage therapies, including the bath tickets at Szechenyi Baths.


2 in 1: Massage Therapies and Bath Tickets

Massage Therapy at Szechenyi Spa Baths
Massage Therapy at Szechenyi Spa Baths

Please see more info about Szechenyi Bath massage treatments and prices on our massage page. Each massage package in Szechenyi Baths includes a full day bath ticket with a private cabin, and a private entrance at the Fast Track Help Desk. Please book your massage therapy minimum 1 or 2 days before your planned visit to Szechenyi Thermal Bath, possibly weeks before the date of visit. Please note that massage is only for bath guests in Szechenyi Baths owning a valid bath ticket.

  • Bath Ticket + Aroma Massage (20min) at Szechenyi Baths: 36.5 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Aroma massage treatment here for €18 (HUF 5,500)
  • Bath Ticket + Thermal Massage (20min) at Szechenyi Baths: 38 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Thermal massage treatment here for €19.5 (HUF 6,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Harmony Aroma Massage (50min) at Szechenyi Baths: 65.5 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Harmony massage treatment here for €47 (HUF 14,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Harmony Aroma Massage for Couples (50min) at Szechenyi Baths: 119.5 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Harmony massage treatment here for €83.5 (HUF 25,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Harmony Aroma Massage (70min) at Szechenyi Baths: 75 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Harmony massage treatment here for €57 (HUF 17,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Harmony Aroma Massage for Couples (70min) at Szechenyi Baths: 139.5 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Harmony massage treatment here for €103.5 (HUF 31,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Royal Thermal Massage (50min) at Szechenyi Baths: 68 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Thermal massage treatment here for €50 (HUF 15,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Royal Thermal Massage for Couples (50min) at Szechenyi Baths: 126 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Thermal massage treatment here for €90 (HUF 27,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Royal Thermal Massage (70min) at Szechenyi Baths: 78 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Thermal massage treatment here for €60 (HUF 18,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Royal Thermal Massage for Couples (70min) at Szechenyi Baths: 146 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Thermal massage treatment here for €110 (HUF 33,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Lavender Dream Treatment (70min) at Szechenyi Baths: 84.5 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Lavender Dream treatment here for €66.5 (HUF 20,000)
  • Bath Ticket + Lavender Dream Treatment for Couples (70min) at Szechenyi Baths: 159.5 Euro. If you already have a Bath entry you may simply buy the Lavender Dream treatment here for €123.5 (HUF 37,000)


Please note that Szechenyi Baths pools are for children over 14, we recommend taking under 14 kids to one of the following Budapest lidos or pools: Palatinus Furdo (summer time open air lido on Margaret Island) or Dagaly Furdo (summer time open air lido on the Pest side, by Arpad Bridge) where thermal baths and children pools are simultaneously available.

You can also check out the latest prices at the entrance on the ticket boards at Szechenyi Baths before purchasing your tickets. You can buy your baths tickets each day until 9 pm at the cashiers (1 hour before the closing time of the outdoor pools).

Budapest Bath Party Szechenyi 2015 Design
Budapest Bath Party in Szechenyi Baths

There are various tickets, including discount bath tickets for early morning swimmers (from 6am to 8am), afternoon bath tickets (between 5pm and 7pm) and night bath tickets (outdoor pools only, between 7 pm and 9:45pm). Discount bath party tickets are also available for party goers of groups of 10 or more people.

Refunding Prices of Tickets

Note: The old system of bath ticket refunding is not in use any more in Szechenyi Baths. It does not matter how long you are using your tickets, for 1 or 2 or 6 hours, the length of use will not mean refunding the price based on hours.

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Last updated: Mar 31, 2016


  1. Can children – 3 year old – go in the bath? Do you have restaurant there?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Liz, the hot & warm mineral waters in Szechenyi Bath are not recommended for children under 14 years old because of the high temperature of the waters, but you are free to enter the baths and pools with children at your own parental responsibility. In fact, small children are not advised to be bathed in any of the thermal baths in Budapest for the same reason (including Gellert Bath, Rudas, Lukacs, etc.). If you are planning your Budapest visit from June to September, the best bath to visit with kids is Palatinus Bath on Margaret Island, Dagaly Bath or other less known bath / lido complexes like Romai Furdo, Csillaghegyi Furdo, etc.

      As for catering and foods, there is a cafeteria in Szechenyi Bath with hot meals and cold snacks, drinks, etc.

      • will Children pay the same as adults?
        Thank you

        • Szechenyi Spa Baths

          Hello Silvia, yes, children pay the same price as adults in Szechenyi Thermal Bath. We recommend the thermal waters for over 14 year old children (all thermal waters are recommended for kids over 14 in Budapest, including Gellert Bath, Rudas Baths, Lukacs Bath, etc.)

  2. Can a weekly pas be bought?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Petey, you can buy a pass in Szechenyi Bath, but it is not for a week, rather for a fortnight (for 15 visits to be correct) priced at HUF 41,600 with a locker and HUF 47,600 with a cabin. So for a week you could be better off with individual tickets.

  3. I’ve read that there will be maintenance works in the baths during the month May.
    Do you have more information about it? Which baths will be closed and on which dates?
    What will be the impact on a visit as I would like to enjoy all outdoor baths.
    For your information I will be in Budapest from 18/05 till 22/05
    Thanks for your information.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Caroline,

      these are the upcoming maintenance works of the outdoor pools in Szechenyi Baths during the spring pool maintenance works: please note that the spring maintenance does not affect the 15 indoor pools, only the 3 outdoor pools:

      1, the outdoor pool with the fun whirlpool is closed between 6 and 10 May, 2013
      2, the outdoor thermal pool (sitting pool without the whirl pool) is closed between 13 and 17 May, 2013
      3, the outdoor swimming pool (the middle pool) is closed between 21 and 24 May, 2013

      Thank you for your understanding.
      There are 15 pools inside in addition to the above 3 outdoor pools, so I am sure you will have a great time in Szechenyi Baths.

  4. What about with prices for 4 children groups consits of 45 pupils each? 1 group – 1 day – 3 hours. Do you have some discounts / gratis for their protectors – teachers? With the best regards

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Marek, how old are the children (the bath is recommended for over 14 kids)? If they are over 14, for a 3 hour visit I would recommend picking the morning hours when there are fewer people, and they can have more space to enjoy the bath, but, with all due respect, Szechenyi Bath is not the best option, not the best thermal bath for groups of children. If you are not very set on Szechenyi Bath, which is more geared towards adults (no slides, no jumping around, etc. which children usually enjoy), I think for groups of children visiting Palatinus Bath on Margaret Island would be ten times better – all children groups in Budapest go to either Palatinus or Dagaly, both excellent bathing complexes and both have hot spring pools too, but lots of fun slides, lost of green grass, etc. Palatinus has very good prices for children (HUF 1,900 on weekdays and HUF 2,100 on weekends), and is very close to the city center, much recommended!
      Szechenyi Bath does not have student discounts or group discounts, so the prices you see are for groups of pupils too.
      Have a great time in Budapest!

  5. Hello,

    I have a question about the following package:
    Bath Ticket + Deluxe couple massage (60min) at Szechenyi Baths: 113.9 Euro

    Does this include: (1) bath entry for 2 people, (2) cabin usage, (3) massage for 2 people, (4) VIP entrance?

    From reading the details on the website, it says that all massage packages include cabin usage and VIP entrance – so I wanted to check. I also wanted to check the price to see if it is for 1 person, or 2 people. Thanks!

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Akansha, yes you are correct, plus one more cabin is included in the Deluxe massage package for couples. I will just enlist the items:
      2 bath tickets: fast track entry at the Help Desk avoiding the queues at the cashiers – fast track makes the entrance VIP, please note that at further points in the baths there is no VIP treatment (e.g. at the rental office, in the cafe, you will need to queue as others. Only the entrance is VIP)
      2 cabins: 2 changing cabins for each (but if you want to use the same cabin you can, although the cabins are comfortable for one person)
      2 massage treatments in a private massage room (double massage room with two beds, so you will have your massage at the same time, simultaneously – hence a considerable discount for couple massages)
      The price is for the package for couples, so the Deluxe Couple package for 113.9 Euro is for two people, NOT per person. Please note that massages are for bath guests only, and if you want to make sure to have an available massage hour you will need to book online in advance. You can use the booking form here: http://szechenyispabaths.com/massage/ or on the Deluxe massage page: http://szechenyispabaths.com/deluxe-massage-in-szechenyi-bath/
      Thank you for visiting Szechenyi Bath

  6. Hi there,

    I will be in Budapest in June and was just wanted to enquire about the afternoon bath tickets. It says after 5pm for thermal baths. Is there a restriction on how long we can be there? I saw somewhere saying (5-7pm)?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Pat, the afternoon ticket is the cheapest bath ticket to Szechenyi Bath, which can be used after 5 pm. The indoor pools are open until 7 pm (15 pools, saunas, steam rooms, massage rooms), while the outdoor pools (3 pools) are open until 10 pm. So you can use the afternoon ticket between 5 and 10 pm for pools / facilities that are open.

  7. Hi, We are coming out next weekend (19th July) will we be able to store our hand luggage size suitcases in your lockers whilst we enjoy the facilities? How much do you chareg for lockers or are the cabins lockable so we can keep our luggage in there? Many Thanks

  8. Hi what is included in the 1650 visitors ticket please?

  9. Hello,
    my name is alona i am tour guide ,i would like to come with my group 23 peopel
    on monday ,
    can i get group price?
    thank you
    best regards

  10. Hi, are any tickets sold on the door for tonight? Travelled to Budapest for the spa party and it’s sold out online, thanks

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hi Hannah, we are sorry that you have travelled so far without making sure you get in with an online ticket. Regular and group discount tickets often sell out quickly in advance. We hope you managed to get in, perhaps with a more expensive ticket (?), and enjoyed the party.

  11. Hi, are you open on Christmas day this year? If not then which dates are you open around Christmas?

  12. Kedves Széchenyi Fürdő,

    Rendeltem két jegyet online és a PayPal-on keresztül fizettem. A fizetési folyamat végén egy error üzenetet kaptam és nem irányított vissza a fürdő oldalára a böngésző viszont az összeg levonásra került és még e-mail-t sem kaptam csak a PayPal-tól, hogy az összeg levonásra került. Van lehetőség a PayPal e-mail-el igazolni a vásárlást vagy ebben az esetben mi a teendő?
    Előre is köszönöm a segítséget.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Kedves Bela, igen, megkaptuk a Szechenyi Furodbe az online jegy foglalasi formot aug 31-re es aug 27-en Kinga Viezner kollegano megkuldte a digitalis furdojegy ertesito emailt. Koszonjuk a foglalast. Kerem legyen kedves ellenorizze a postaladajat es a spam boxot is. Amennyiben nem erkezik meg, ujra megkuldjuk mas email cimrol.
      Fontos, hogy az online foglalt jeggyel a Help Desknel tud becsekkolni, ami a Cirkusz feloli fobejarat oldalan van, a hallban. A normal penztari sorba ne alljon be, mert onnan atiranyitjak a help deskhez az online jegy foglalokat.

  13. Hi! I was wondering whether the daily ticket with locker includes the saunas as well or if I’ll have to pay extra to use the sauna?


    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Maria, yes the bath ticket with a locker or with a cabin also includes the use of the saunas without a surcharge.

  14. Can we pay there at the bath, or do we have to pre book?

  15. Are all the baths open in February? and is It better to book online or when we arrive?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello, yes, the baths are open throughout winter. Around Feb 14 and 15 there will be peak time due to Valentine Day’s tourism in Budapest. Many of the massages have been booked up already. We suggest booking online if you come on a weekend or during the Valentine romantic days.

  16. Is the problem with the payment confirmation still going on? I would like to book for upcoming Sunday or Monday and have concerns if I don’t get the confirmation e-mail.

    Please advise

  17. I’ve pulled a muscle in my upper back recently and now have a pinched feeling when I turn my neck. Which massage would you recommend to help with this, deluxe or luxury manager?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Josh,
      thank you for your inquiry. We would recommend you the Luxury Massage, where the massage therapist concentrates more on the head, shoulder, neck and upper back areas (25-30 min from the 1 hour total only this part of the body). You can make your booking on the following page: http://szechenyispabaths.com/massage/

  18. What’s the difference between “Full Day bath ticket (5000HUF)” and “Visitor bath ticket (1650HUF)”? Why the latter is so cheap?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Liujing,
      The full day bath ticket is valid for the whole day in Szechenyi Baths, during the opening hours (6 am to 10 pm), including the use of all facilities (all 18 pools, saunas, steam rooms, etc.). On the other hand, the visitor ticket is only for a short (approx. 15 minutes) guided tour inside the Spa, and does not include the use of any facilities (in short: the visitor ticket is only for sightseeing, not for bathing).

  19. Can I buy the “after 5pm ticket“ from your website or is it only available at the box office and without fast track?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Luke,
      Unfortunately the afternoon tickets are not available for online booking. You can buy them at the cashier of Szechenyi Baths (without the fast track entry). Thank you for your understanding.

  20. We will have a 1-yr old baby that will stay in a stroller or with an adult at all times- but we won’t take him into the water. Do we have to buy a ticket for the baby?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Maureen,
      The bath entry is free for children under 2. We hope you will enjoy your visit in Szechenyi Baths!

  21. Hi. We’ll be back in Budapest in october and want to visit the spa again. Last time we asked about towels and were told we have to pay the full package with towels, robes and free drinks if we wanted to rent towels, making the whole day really expensive. They wouldn’t agree on just renting towels. Yet my Hungarian friend told me its perfectly possible to just rent towels and no more. And in the spa we noticed lots of people with the white towels of the Spa itself. So what do we ask for next time not to have the same problem again and so not being forced into buying a full programm.
    Thanks for answering!

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Tine,
      thank you for your comment. I am afraid you have been given a false information about the renting possibilities, as it is absolutely possible to rent only towels. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Szechenyi Baths again.

  22. Hi, I was wondering what the difference was between cabin and locker? If I come with camera and stuff… will it be safe in a cabin?

  23. Hello! I would like to ask you if we can made a reservation for Bath Ticket + Aroma Massage and pay cash when we arrive. If not, is there any chance to book one by the time we arrive?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Iro,
      Please note that we can only book a massage in advance, if payment has taken place as massage hours are limited. However it is possible to make your booking on the spot as well.

  24. Hi,
    Is there any discounts for Multisport Plus benefit card holder ?
    Thank you

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Olena,
      Unfortunately this card does not provide any discounts in Szechenyi Baths. Thank you for your understanding.

  25. If I buy a full day ticket is it possible to leave and return later in the day, or must you pay per entry?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear James,
      the tickets are not multipass, so you cannot leave the Baths and return with the same ticket. Thank you for your understanding.

  26. Hi there,

    I am organising a hen party for October bank holiday weekend 2016.
    15-20 people.

    If I can receive a group booking discount, I would like fast track, pool party tickets for Sat. the 29th of October or Sunday the 30th of October.

    What else can we do before or after this pool party here?
    Whta does the pool party consist of?

    With thanks,

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hi Rebecca,
      there will be a bath party in Szechenyi Baths on Oct 29 (Saturday).
      There is a discount group ticket price for the bath party. After every ten tickets you will get 1 free ticket. The way you can book it is 10+1 batch. The tickets are not fast track entries, but regular party tickets (including the party, pool use and a locker for storage).
      You find more information about the ticket options on the following page: http://szechenyispabaths.com/sparties/

  27. hello,

    can we rent bathrobes or towells at the baths?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Liran,
      yes, you can rent towels and bathrobes inside the Baths. The prices are the following:

      Simple Bath Sheet: HUF 500 (deposit HUF 1,000)
      Towel (a bit smaller, but thicker and fluffier than the bath sheet): HUF 1,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)
      Bathrobe: HUF 2,500 (deposit HUF 5,000)

  28. Hi!we are a group of 13 girls. Do we get any group discount?

  29. Can we pay on spot by credit card, which one is acceptable ?

  30. Hello
    We (two couples) will be at Budapest next weekend.
    Is there a difference of the prices if we buy tickets at the ScB or Online?
    We would like to spend about 4-5 hours at Saturday afternoon.
    Wewould like to have massage as well.
    But we have not make up our mind yet.

    Thank you V.M.


    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Oz,
      online prices are the same as the prices at the cashier.
      Booking your massages are recommended in advance though, as massage hours are limited.

  31. Hi
    If we order tickets online in advance, and that we have no printer to print this order, can we shaow it on a smartphone.
    See you soon.

  32. Jussi Välimäli

    Hi! I like to know what is the price for Bath Ticket + Aroma Massage (20min) for two adults if i buy this tickets for at the cashiers? And can i pay in euro`s or do i have to pay that i local money? Or is that possible to pay credit card?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hi Jussi,

      thank you for your inquiry. If you wish to book your massage treatment on the spot, please, be aware that massage appointments are quite limited, so we suggest booking online. Unfortunately, you cannot pay in Euro at the cashier, but credit cards are welcome.

  33. Do you have any massages that is OK for pregnant women? And the possibility to get a massage mainly laying on the side..?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Elin,

      unfortunately, no thermal bath offers prenatal massage in Budapest. Pregnant women are kindly asked to consult with their doctor / OBGYN if they can have massage.

  34. Natalie Buncher

    Hi I got my PayPal receipt, but never got a confirmation email from you. I have a massage at 3 today under Natalie Buncher and just wanted to confirm.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Natalie,

      I have checked and we have already sent the confirmation. Enjoy your time in the Bath!

  35. Hi, Tickets for the pool party on June 11 are sold out online. Are there tickets available to purchase in person on that day? Thank you!

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hi Lisa,
      as the parties are very popular, most tickets are sold out months in advance. Many tourists visit Budapest for the sole purpose of experiencing the bath party. This means that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to buy tickets on the spot of the venue.

  36. Hello, I recently booked a trip to the spa for the 7th August by accident as I was meant to book it for the 8th July. I did not realise that the format for selecting the date was MM/DD/YYYY and not DD/MM/YYYY. Is there any way I can change the booking date for my tickets?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Oliver,

      that is not a problem at all, I have just sent you the corrected confirmation email to your email address.

      Enjoy your time in Szechenyi Baths and Budapest!

  37. I have ordered tickets for the baths tomorrow but all I have received is a receipt off PapPal, will this get me into the baths?


    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Callum,

      the confirmation email of your booking was sent to your email address yesterday at 10.14am. This email is your bath ticket.
      I am re-sending it to you now. Please check the spam folder, if you have not received it.
      Enjoy your time in Szechenyi Baths.

  38. Andrzej Warchał


    I bought 2 tickets yesterday but I still haven’t received them. I did receive paypal confirmation though. How long do I have to wait for them?

    Thank you

  39. Do NOT visit this pool!! I will first contradict myself by saying that my mom & I loved the spa! The pools and massage were wonderful. However, be aware of prices before you go!! An employee took advantage of our ignorance & charged us twice as much for the spa. I will not go back and suggest trying some of the other spa’s Budapest has to offer. Hopefully they don’t try to rip people off! We arrived yesterday around 3pm wanting to go to the outdoor pools and get a massage. We needed a locker for our bags, but brought towels with us. An employee offered to help us & told us about the packages that were available. The cheapest with a massage was 75 Euro, which included a 30 minute massage. As we walked to another entrance, I told him that I thought the prices were cheaper and that was expensive for us. He claimed there were not cheaper options if we wanted a massage (only a couple thousand HUF) for 60 minutes and we would get to use all the facilities. Of course we wanted to experience the pools! After reviewing prices online, I’m horrified to learn, there were plenty of options much cheaper & about half price! I feel taken advantage of!

    • *We would not get to use all the facilities

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Adrianna,
      we are terribly sorry to hear about the incident you have described, but, unfortunately we cannot address your complaint as the official service provider can be reached at szechenyi@spabudapest.hu.
      Regarding the personal matter of the issue we would like to kindly ask you to correspond with the officials of Szechenyi Spa Bath in the future via szechenyi@spabudapest.hu.
      Our site, szechenyispabaths.com is a privately owned site specializing in online ticket and treatment reservations (exclusively). We do not represent the state owned spa facility.
      Our customer relations is exclusively for the website szechenyispabaths.com, the website is neither owned nor managed by Szechenyi Baths thermal facility. Therefore, much to our regret, we cannot respond to your complaint, as it is simply beyond our scope.
      The thermal bath of Szechenyi Baths has its own customer relations staff, who should address your complaint in a timely manner. We cannot acknowledge receiving your complaint in the name of a completely different and independent economic entity, namely the Szechenyi Baths owned by the Hungarian state (precisely the company named Budapest Spas Plc http://www.spasbudapest.com/contact).
      Our website is not owned by Szechenyi Baths, we have simply partnered to sell tickets and treatments online as a third party affiliate (referring guests, but not serving guests). We do not provide the actual spa or catering services, and cannot take responsibility for compliments or complaints regarding the spa services. Much as we would like to be of further help, we cannot pursue or resolve your complaint as it is not our place to do so (just like Hotel Parlament or a Budapest tourism ticket agency has nothing to do with Szechenyi Bath as thermal facility and service provider beyond selling the massage treatment to hotel guests, similarly our website has a limited scope to selling services but not actually providing / managing them).
      Thank you for your cooperation.

  40. Hello,
    We are a group of 3, so if we wanted the cabin, would each of us have to buy a cabin + bath ticket at 5200 HUF (15600 HUF total) or is it possible to buy tickets just for the baths and buy a ticket were we could share a cabin.


  41. Can you send tickets price for family of 2 adults and 3 children (12, 10 and 10 years old)?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Roberto,

      thank you for contacting us.

      I am afraid, there are no children discounts in the bath, all ticket prices are flat.

      Ticket with a private cabin is 17,5 Euro on a weekday, 18 Euro on a weekend.

      To make a valid reservation please follow:

      Enjoy your stay in Budapest.

  42. Hi, is it compulsory to use flip flops and a swimming cap? Thanks!

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Miguel,
      Flip-flops are only recommended in the Baths, while swimming caps are mandatory in the swimming pool only.
      Have a lovely time in Szechenyi Bath!

  43. Hi, Camera and taking photos arme allowed or not ?

  44. Szèpjònapot kìvànok,
    a làtogatò belèpovel hol ès mennyi ideig lehet a furdo teruletèn tartòzkodni ès kell-e a papucson kìvul màst is hozni? Nem szeretnènk furdeni, csak làtni ès fènykèpeket csinàlni.
    Udvozlettel: mària

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Kedves Mária,
      A látogató jegyet a kasszánál, a helyszínen tudják megvásárolni, 1700 Ft-ba kerül. Egy hostess vezeti körbe a vendégeket, az időtartam kb. 20 perc. Papucsot nem kell feltétlenül vinniük, mivel a helyszínen kapnak nylon cipővédőket. Érezzék jól Magukat a túra során!

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