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  1. Hello,
    we come at Saturday 26.11. at 17. -17.30 with Group about 40 People and we stay about 3 Hours.
    We will pay wit a card (no cash)

    Thank you very much

    Hana Hadrová
    Cestovní kancelář VLHA
    +420 732 139 299
    +420 736 136 225

  2. can we leave our luggage at the bath before and after our bath?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Kim,
      you can purchase Tickets with Cabins, the cabin is like a tiny room, or cubicle, which can store a standard check in suitcase easily. The door of the cabin has a unique chip code lock, which opens and closes with a special waterproof bracelet: in fact, with the chip incorporated in the wristband bath entry provided at the bath. Please make sure that your door is locked with the silicon wristband before leaving the cabin. As you are wearing the band all the times, it is quite secure if you make sure that the door is not left open.

      Have a lovely time at Szechenyi Baths!

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