Entry to Palinka Museum with Brandy Tasting

If you pre-book your Szechenyi Spa Baths tickets you get a free Palinka Museum entry with a Guided Tour and Palinka Tasting included (20ml of the Hungarian Brandy called Palinka).

Palinka in small amounts is a medicine, in large amounts a remedy” – the Hungarian saying goes.

Palinka is a beloved brandy of Hungary and it can be made from various fruits and even vegetables. This tasty brandy has a special place in every Hungarian’s heart, it is part of the Hungarian culture and gastronomy as well.

Get to know Palinka and the distillation process during a fun guided tour in the heart of Budapest.

During the exhibition, you can also make your own brandy using digital tools.

Opening Hours of the Palinka Museum

Open all week from 2pm to midnight.

Address of the Palinka Museum

20 Kiraly Street, City Centre of Budapest, District VI. Postcode H- 1061.


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