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Can I Rent a Bath Robe in Szechenyi Bath?

Can you rent a bathrobe in Szechenyi Furdo? The short answer to this frequently asked question in Szechenyi Bath rental is that yes, you can, but the deposit is set at the value of the bathrobe. Short term hire of bath robes in Szechenyi Baths is one of the basic services of the thermal spa baths, especially for tourists who are visiting Budapest, and do not want to take bathrobes with them all over while sightseeing in Budapest.

Bath Robe Rental Szechenyi Bath Budapest
Bath Robe Rental – Christopher Porter Illustration

Please note that prices of rentals are fair, but the deposits of rentals are quite high considering the bath ticket prices in Szechenyi, and considering the fact that card payment is only an option at the entrances of the bath (Cashiers and the VIP Desk for Private Entrances). The deposit will be fully refunded to you, once the item is given back.

The rentals were set high due to the recent increase in the number of unreturned rental items in Szechenyi Baths (we apologize for any inconvenience re deposit prices).

Similarly to bath robes, renting a towel at Szechenyi Baths is cheap, there is also a deposit fee, which is not cheap, but as it is a deposit, it will be fully returned to you.

Renting a Bath Robe in Szechenyi Baths

If you do not wish to prepare a carry on bath bag (see our list of what to take to Szechenyi Baths), and you realize that you do not wish to take your bathrobe for a walk, Szechenyi Bath is happy to rent you one. Let’s see the current prices of robe rentals.

How much does it cost to rent a towel at Szechenyi Bath?

The bath robe rental prices in the bath are flat prices, as follows:

  • Bath Robe (M, L) Fees: HUF 1,100 (deposit: HUF 11,000). HUF means Hungarian Forint, which is the currency of Hungary.
  • Big towel Fees: HUF 700 (deposit: HUF 4,200)

Paying the Bath Robe Deposit in Szechenyi Baths

In short, bank cards and credit cards are accepted at the cashiers at the entrances, as well as at the VIP Help Desk at the Private Entrance. In contrast, the internal sales points in Szechenyi Baths are not equipped with card paying facilities, so you can only pay by cash inside.

At the cash desk at any of the bath entrances of Szechenyi Baths (there are 3 entrances each with its own cashiers), you can pay for your bath ticket, the extra optional cabin (see cabin vs. lockers at Szechenyi) and the towel rental fee at the cashier.

The advantage of letting the cashier know about your intention of renting a bath robe is that you can pay by card (or by cash). However, if you enter the bath, and then once inside, you go to the Bath Rental Office, you will only be able to pay for the rental in cash.

Buying swim wear and towel at Szechenyi Bath
Buying swim wear and towel at Szechenyi Bath (caroundtheworld photo)

The deposit of the bath robe hire will be redeemed when you leave Szechenyi Baths. So the actual cost of renting a bathing robe in Szechenyi baths is very affordable, but please be aware that the deposit prices are set to be high as a preventive measure.

In the main hall of Szechenyi Baths you can also buy swim wear and towel at a vendor, if you do not like the idea of renting but would like to purchase your own item. You can also buy some small gift items in the main hall, e.g. towels with the logo of Szechenyi Baths Budapest.

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  1. What do you require outfit for swiming in spa. I’m muslim

    Thank you

  2. Hello I am going to be visiting the Gellert Baths and wanted to rent a robe and perhaps a towel.
    Is that service available at the Gellert Baths.
    I am trying to book online, however it is showing as being available at the Szechenyi Baths.

    Thank you

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Kate,
      unfortunately there is no online option to buy towel in Gellert Spa. You can find the rental facility within the Spa.

  3. Hi we are looking at hiring swim wear and a robe however what sizes do you accommodate as my husband and I are not small people.

  4. Hello, if I rent a bath robe paying by card at the entrance cash desk, do I have to pay the cash deposit too? i.e., is the deposit due even if I pay the rent by card?
    Thank you

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Rocco,
      the rental fee and the deposit can only be paid in cash in HUF at the rental facility. Thank you for your understanding.

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