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Buy Online Tickets – Szechenyi Baths Private Entrance & Private Changing Cabin

How to buy online tickets at Szechenyi Baths? Here you can buy your bath ticket in advance. No more waiting time, and awkward check in. Online bath tickets with fast track private entrance and private cabin for 21 Euro (for any day, all day) or Weekday Tickets at a somewhat cheaper price.

Hundreds in the 18 Pools in Szechenyi Baths
Hundreds in the 18 Pools in Szechenyi Baths

Tickets can be pre-booked in Hungarian Forints or in Euros.

Fast Track Bath Ticket in Hungarian Forint – Skip the Line Entry & Private Cabin room included

Fast Track Bath Ticket in Euro – Skip the Line Entry & Private Cabin room included

Party Ticket for Bath Party in Euro default Party Tickets with Locker for safe storage, Xpress tickets with Fast Track Entry, Duo and Trio tickets with private cabin (also the super premium Single ticket)

Make use of Szechenyi Bath Online Booking to have a hassle free entry. The ticket is valid for all facilities of the baths for a full day with your private changing cabin. Please make sure to check in between 9 am and 6pm. If you arrive at the baths later than 6pm, please buy your ticket at the cashier, as online fast track tickets are entered at a special Help Desk, only open until 6pm: after check in you can stay until 10 pm of course.

Szechenyi Thermal Baths Budapest
Szechenyi Thermal Baths Budapest / Christine Zenino Photography

You can buy your online baths tickets in advance, or on the same day as your bath visit. The ticket is valid for adults and teens for all day use, and you will be checked in / entered by the VIP Welcome Desk of Szechenyi Bath at the main entrance. Once you enter the main entrance of the baths (opposite the National Circus), and validate your purchase, you will be given a silicon wristband, which looks like a watch.

Best Thermal Bath Party Szechenyi Pool Budapest
Best Thermal Bath Party Szechenyi Pool Budapest

Fast track online tickets for the bath parties are also available. Please check the party tickets inclusions. Xpress tickets are skip the line entries.

This is not only your ‘ticket’ but also your key for your cabin (the online ticket at Szechenyi Baths includes the use of your own private cabin).


The waterproof silicon wristband used as bath ticket and key in Szechenyi Bath Budapest:

Szechenyi Baths Ticket Wristband
Szechenyi Baths Ticket and Key: the Silicon Wristband

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  1. Conise Lockwood

    Good morning. I booked 2 bath tickets last night and paid by PayPal. I have received confirmation from PayPal but have not had an email from you. We are travelling soon so will not be able to print the email if required. Will I be able to show this email on my phone?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Conise,

      thank you for your booking.
      We have received your payment and we have sent you the confirmation email. Now I have just resent it from our backup email address.
      Please have a look in your spam folder too.
      Enjoy your stay time in Szechenyi Baths Budapest.

  2. Hello.

    I’m going to Budapest in september and would like to buy 2 Fast Track Bath Ticket in Euro.

    I’ve seen that i can stay until 22pm, but i must arrive earlier. Is it correct? Because i was planning to arrive at Szechenyi only at night.

    Thank you.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Rafael,

      thank you for your comment.

      Szechenyi Baths closes at 10pm. Please note that only the outdoor pools are open after 7pm, the indoor Thermal Pools and the steam cabins and Saunas are open between 6 am – 7 pm.

      To book your fast track entries, please follow:


      I hope I could be of help.

  3. I would like to buy tickets for 2 adults and 2 kinds under 10 years old for 1/08/2018 how many cost the tickets

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Stelios,
      unfortunately there is no children ticket in Szechenyi Bath. Please note, that under 14 the pools are not recommended for kids, but if the parents decide to come anyway at their own responsibility, they can. As most of the outdoor and indoor pools and baths at Szechenyi Baths are more than 33 degrees Celsius, which means increased stress for the cardiovascular system of kids, whose body is not fully developed yet to be able to cope with the heat of the bath waters.

  4. Hello,

    I am planning to visit Budapest in September. What will be the last available time slot for the massage? I am planning to arrive in the afternoon and have late evening massage around 7 PM.


    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Nikhil,
      the last massage time slot in general is from 6 pm. We would recommend to make your booking as soon as the date of your baths visit fixed, as massage places are limited, and the timetable fills up quickly. To make a valid booking, please use the form on the page of http://szechenyispabaths.com/massage/
      If you need any help with your booking please do not hesitate to contact us.

  5. Hello, I’ve bought 2 tickets for 24 august. I’ve got my paypal receipt, but no confirmation mail from you. Can you sand me it, please? I should need the tickets: where and how can I got them?
    Thanks so much. Eligio

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Mario,
      I would like to confirm that we have received your booking and the auto confirmation has been sent to your given email address.
      Now I have re-sent the confirmation from our backup email address to make sure you will receive it. Please check your spam folder too.

      Could you please let us know if you have received it this time?

      Thank you for your kind cooperation.

  6. Dear Team,

    Greeting from Swift Vacations and Crusies.!!!!

    We want to book Szechenyi both tour for my Guest they will arrive in Budapest @1:00 PM after can they allow to check in the szechenyi baths.

    Kindly advice can we book the tickets or any alternate option

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Mrunali,

      may I kindly ask you to send an inquiry with the exact details (date of visit, number of guests) to:


      Looking forward to receiving your email.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Mrunali,
      yes, you can buy tickets and forward the confirmation email to your clients.
      If you are referring to the visitor tickets, they can be booked on the spot only (only a short guided walk 15min).
      Hope we can welcome you at Szechenyi Spa Baths!

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