Budapest Bath Party Duo Ticket Deals

Bath Party Budapest Perfect Nightlife 2015

Get the special bath party deal of Budapest sparties with the Duo Ticket Plus packages for 2 people. You can save on the party package, which includes the following:

  • 2 fast track Party Tickets – waterproof wrist bands
  • 4 Drink Coupons (total of 8 beers or 4 cocktails. 1 coupon is worth 2 beers or 1 cocktail)
  • 2 bigger Bath Towels with Sparty logo
  • 1 Private Cabin (size of a dressing room) for getting changed and storage
  • 2 nice little bath party Tote Bags (empty) with Sparty logo
Best Hungarian Bath Party Budapest Szechenyi Spa
Best Bath Party in Budapest Szechenyi Spa

See what is included in the Duo ticket package price. Szechenyi bath parties are every Saturday all summer, until the end of October, and then the venue may change for the Magic Bath parties in Lukacs Baths. The only exception is the Dec 30 pre NY Party in Szechenyi Baths.

Duo Tickets in Bath Party

Inclusions are enlisted on the payment page, check the current inclusions before purchase please. When you have chosen the date of the party, you will see a list of available ticket types. There is a letter i for information about each package. If you click on it, the list of inclusions will be revealed.

As for the standard Duo Tickets for the pool party:

  • 2 Bath Party Tickets (from 10.30 pm till 3 am, the end of party)
  • 1 Private Cabin for getting changed & storage
  • 4 spa party Drink Coupons (total of 8 beers or 4 cocktails. 1 coupon is worth 2 beers or 1 cocktail)
  • Duo xpress ticket is a fast track entry. Skip the line if you buy an xpress ticket!

Special NYE Cinetrip party Duo Tickets have special prices, but the package is basically the same for two people including all the above plus priority lane access in Szechenyi Baths pre – New Year’s Eve party on Dec 30. Check the prices on the payment page of Budapest New Year’s Bath Party (Dec 30 is the date!)

Bath Party  Towels

Sparty Logo Budapest Bath Party Towel
Sparty Logo Budapest Bath Party Towel

You do not have to carry around a bulky towel for the party. Simply buy a Bonus Ticket with your friend, and get 2 sparty towels, which also make a great memory of the party whenever you take a plunge again. The towels come with a Sparty logo (spa party log0), and are are nice and pampering.

As you can see, you can choose from 3 color patterns:

Red Sparty logo towel
Blue Sparty logo towel
Black Sparty logo towel


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  1. Hi, I am not able to see the option to buy the bonus ticket for 30th Dec ? Can you suggest how to proceed ?


    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Kaps, sorry about that. All Budapest NYE Bath Party bonus tickets have been sold out for the 2013 Dec 30 sparty, so now only plain bath party tickets can be bought (or group discount tickets). Hope you will still have a nice New Year’s Eve party and a happy New Year!

  2. Hello! I would like to know where I can buy the tickets for the New Yeas’s Bath Party.

  3. Hi! Me and five of my friends are planning to buy the tickets to the bath party on 26 March. However it’s all sold out. Is there any other way that we could purchase the tickets. As we are traveling from Switzerland and would not want to miss the opportunity to have a memorable night in Budapest !

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      while most ticket types have been sold out, I can see a few single premium bath party tickets which includes a lot of extras, – 2 drink coupons
      – 1 entry ticket to the spa party
      – 2 drink coupons (1 party drink coupon is worth 2 beers or 1 cocktail, so altogether 4 beers or 2 cocktails included)
      – 1 bag (empty tote bag)
      – 1 towel with the sparty logo
      – flip-flops
      – hoody robe – a quality bath robe with hood and with sparty logo
      – cabin – private cabin for storage and getting changed.

      I’m afraid the other option is to go to the main entrance and see if there is anyone trying to resell a ticket for the pool party.
      I hope this helps.

  4. Hi,
    we are 4 people visiting the bath party on 11th june. I have purchased 2 duo tickets under my name. Just want to confirm the name does not matter and all the four of us can get entry?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hi Udita,
      2 Duo Tickets are for 4 people, does not matter if there is only 1 name on it, as you have purchased all of them. Please note, only printed tickets are accepted. If you buy several tickets, you will need to print them all. Please bring your ID with your tickets.
      Have fun at the party!

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