Booking Bath Party Tickets

Please use the party Calendar to pick a date (click on the icon to see more dates). When you have picked a date, you do not need to submit the form, just follow the link. You will be redirected to the booking page to choose your ticket type and make a payment. You can check the dates in a list format here: Budapest Bath Party Dates.


  1. Hi

    Is there any avaialbility for Saturday night?


  2. Kedves Szervezők,

    Irodánk szervezésében egy 400 fős francia csoport érkezik 2020-ban.
    Érdeklődnénk, hogy február 1-jén, szombaton lesz-e a Széchenyi fürdőben éjszakai fürdőzés és parti?
    Milyen kondíciókkal fogadnának egy 400 fős csoportot?

    Visszajelzésüket várva,

    Köszönettel és üdvözlettel:
    Goró Imola
    Cosmos Utazási Iroda

  3. Hi. Is there parties in September? Thanks

  4. Alexander brooks


    Is there tickets available for this evening?


    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Alexander,

      this event is already sold out.

      Some limited number of tickets are available on door after 23:00.

  5. Hi there! We were too late to but tickets for tonight, but are very willing to come (all the way from Holland, can’t miss this great party). We saw there was a chance to buy tickets at the door after 23:00, but is there any possibility to reserve 2 single premium tickets we can pick up now/tonight? Thanks in advance

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello David,

      this event is already sold out.

      Some limited number of tickets are available on door after 23:00.

  6. Hello!

    Can you pay by card or is it just cash payment t?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hello Samantha,
      online booking is highly recommended in advance, as almost all tickets are sold out for the Bath Party a few days in advance. That said, there is a small amount of tickets left for at the gate sales, so you may get lucky, but expect huge crowds of over 1500 guests (approx. 2,000 per Saturday nights) Online booking can be paid by card: if you click on the date of your preferred party night, you will see a link leading you to the payment page.

      Enjoy Budapest nightlife.

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