Booking Bath Party Tickets

Please use the party Calendar to pick a date (click on the icon to see more dates). When you have picked a date, you do not need to submit the form, just follow the link. You will be redirected to the booking page to choose your ticket type and make a payment. You can check the dates in a list format here: Budapest Bath Party Dates.


  1. Hello ,
    I would like to Vip access for 2 people in 30 th of december party.
    Website says sold out , there is only availability Vip access for 3 people 600 euro . How can I buy for 2 ?
    Pls help all my friends bought their tickect and we are coming abroad.

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Gulsah,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      I’m afraid tickets can only be bought online, so if the website says it is sold out, there is nothing we can do. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Sziasztok

    Van rá esély, hogy a február első hétvégéjén is lesz bath party, vagy csak a honlapon már meglévő időpontok lesznek megtartva? Egy kb 50 fős csoport miatt kérdezem, mert sok jót hallottak a partikról és azon a héten lesznek Budapesten.
    Előre is köszönöm a választ

  3. There is no way to buy two tickets for the party tomorrow??

  4. How to book the normal ticket ?indont need party tickets

  5. I would like to know about early bird tickets for the mega sparty on 3rd August 2019? We are a couple.

  6. Hi there, I was just wondering if you have any vip area available for May 4th 2019. Thanks in advance

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Hi Jade,
      I’m afraid VIP tickets are only available between May 18 and Sep 14. Thank you for your understanding.

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