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Booking Bath Party Tickets

Please use the party Calendar to pick a date (click on the icon to see more dates). When you have picked a date, you do not need to submit the form, just follow the link. You will be redirected to paylogic to choose your ticket type and make a payment. You can check the dates in a list format here: Budapest Bath Party Dates.


  1. Hi I need a refund my friend is ill we cannot make tonight’s event

  2. Hi,

    I wanted to buy the duo ticket xpress plus for me and my partner. I thought it was 150 for the two tickets but once I’ve paid it has charged me double!? Have I now got four tickets or is the 150 price per person?

    • Szechenyi Spa Baths

      Dear Paige,
      As the complete online ticket buying process is on paylogic, including complaints, we would like to kindly ask you to email asap to the email address of the Paylogic Customer Service in English (customerservice@paylogic.nl).
      If you wish, you can also give them a call, just to make sure: 0900 – 7295 6442 (the phone number is in the Netherlands). I trust everything will be sorted out, and you will enjoy a great party!

  3. Dear Sir, madam,

    I am coming to Budapest for the second time hoping I could get entrance to the evening party. Is there a way to find 2 tickets? If I come at 22h30 at the door do you have some spare tickets?

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